The International Torch Run Conference
A Unique Opportunity To Share ideas and stories with fellow law enforcement volunteers
International Torch Run Conference
The International Torch Run Conference
gives Torch Run volunteers an annual
opportunity to share information and find
ways to improve their programs.

The International Torch Run Conference is an annual meeting of Torch Run volunteers from around the world that gives our Law Enforcement volunteers the opportunity to swap best practices on what has worked and what hasn't in their quest to help Special Olympics, as well as the chance to talk shop about their lives in Law Enforcement in their various communities. The Conference is held in sometimes exotic and sometimes unique locations like Hawaii; Anchorage, Alaska; Washington D.C.; San Francisco and Wichita, Kansas (which admittedly isn't exotic, but it is the birthplace of the Law Enforcement Torch Run). In 2011, the Conference was held outside the United State sfor the first time, with Torch Run volunteers heading to Vancouver, British Columbia.

It is a tremendous opportunity for Torch Run volunteers to find ways to improve their local Torch Run and it is regularly one of the most enjoyable experiences of the year for volunteers who choose to make that trip.

Discounted or free trips can be earned to the International Torch Run Conference. Torch Run will cover conference registration, airfare and hotel room for qualifying individuals. Agency/Organizations can qualify to send numerous individuals based on the amount raised in the Torch Run year. Conference sites have included Hawaii , San Francisco and Alaska . In years past the ranges have been as follows:

$5,000 – Torch Run will pay for Conference Registration for one person
$10,000 – Torch Run will pay for Conference Registration and ½ of hotel and airfare for one person
$20,000 – Torch Run will pay for Conference Registration and all of hotel and airfare for one person

Agency/Organizations raising these amount may choose to divide the total among multiple individuals, (i.e. at $10,000 they may choose to send two individuals with Torch Run covering each Conference Registration only or at $15,000 they can choose to send one person with Torch Run covering Conference Registration and ½ hotel and airfare and Torch Run covering just Conference Registration on a second individual). Dividing the incentive amounts is at the discretion of the Agency/Organization.

The Special Olympics Torch Run Liaison and Torch Run assistant handle all tracking of the amount raised by Torch Run agencies and all funds raised in support of any Special Olympics event (like the Big Brown Truck Pull or the Polar Plunge).

For more information contact Jayna Oakley, Torch Run Liaison at 502-695-8222 or

* - incentive levels subject to change without notice

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